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You've come to the right place if you are looking for solid, no nonsense solutions to marketing your small business.

Affordable Marketing Solutions, LLC was created especially for entrepreneurs, small business owners and self-employed professionals.

So often I hear "marketing is scary", or "it's so confusing". Just like anything else, it certainly can be, especially when it is not your expertise. More importantly, your time is best spent doing what you do best to run your business. That's where Affordable Marketing Solutions, LLC can help.

And now, you have even more help. Proudly announcing a new kind of small business marketing handbook Affordable Marketing Solutions: Proven Techniques to Profitably Market Your Small Business is 100+ pages full of practical, proven tips to market your small business. You get tips for websites, email, blogs, PR, direct mail, coupons, brochures and so much more so you can get them right the first time without wasting time. Plus, there are worksheets, checklists and templates to show you how. Order your copy today before your competitors do. It’s easy. Click on AMS: The Book icon on the left.

You'll find a full range of marketing solutions to meet your business's marketing needs. Whether you need a full blown marketing plan, a consultation, or specific implementation we're here for you.

Unlike "consultants" (another scary word!) you'll find the AMS approach refreshing and very user-friendly – you'll even find pricing on this site to take the mystery out of what AMS can do for you so that you know – right up front – what it will cost and what it will do for your business!

Marketing is the life blood of any business – without it you simply won't generate the revenue you need to STAY in business.

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